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Interview with Founder of Nextsulting – Brandon Bernicky

Brandon Bernicky of Nexsulting

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Can you share the story behind the founding of Nextsulting LLC and what motivated you to start a digital marketing agency?

In 2014, I founded Nextsulting, aiming to challenge the status quo of digital marketing and magnify businesses online. Fresh out of high school, armed with nothing but ambition and a clear vision, I set out to empower small and mid-sized businesses, particularly in the multifamily industry, to carve their digital destinies.

Inspired by the idea of making a significant impact—or “making a dent in the universe”—I envisioned Nextsulting as a hub for innovation, creativity, and overall excellence. Our journey has been marked by relentless growth, culminating in a pivotal moment in 2023 when we expanded our horizons by acquiring a full-service advertising agency, further fueling our mission, and serving over 200 small and mid-sized clients across the US.

As you mentioned, Nextsulting LLC serves over 200 small and mid-sized clients across multiple industries. What challenges and opportunities come with catering to such a diverse client base?

Serving over 200 diverse clients has taught us that innovation thrives on diversity. The challenge of crafting personalized, effective messages across various industries has honed our adaptability and creativity. This diversity is not just a hurdle; it’s a springboard that propels us toward cutting-edge solutions, allowing us to delight our clients with services that resonate deeply and achieve remarkable results.

Our marketing is all about crafting the right message, delivering to the right people and the perfect time. There is no one size fits all approach, which requires us be creative and cutting edge to continually produce results.

How did you become specialized in multi-family marketing, and what unique strategies do you employ for clients in the real estate and service-based industries?

I started my career in IT for an apartment management firm and got to spend a lot of time getting familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. When we set out to start Nextsulting, this industry knowledge allowed us to set up and execute on programs that delivered measurable results.

This success led us to dig in deeper and become experts in this field. Multifamily and real estate marketing is challenging, advertisers must adhere to fair housing requirements and digital advertising sources have “Special Ad Category” restrictions that further reduce targeting, so our messaging is key when running these programs.

We also take time to carefully consider what residents truly value and strive to deliver messages that resonate most with prospective renters.

How does your mission to “Magnify Your Business Online” align with your values and the positive impact you aim to make in the community?

We love giving back and making a positive impact. Magnifying online also extends to non-profit organizations! One of our core values is Mission over Margins. So along with monetary donations, we’ve set out to develop websites and advertising strategies at reduced costs to organizations we truly believe in. If we can help amplify a message of hope, we’re determined to do so.

What is your vision going forward for Nextsulting LLC? What are you most excited about?

Looking ahead, I envision Nextsulting as a beacon of innovation and excellence in digital marketing. I’m excited about the potential for our team to evolve into visionary leaders, driving forward and leading our company. Our goal is to double our impact, continuing to revolutionize marketing strategies and customer service, ultimately leaving a legacy that transcends the digital realm.

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