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Interview with Model and Entrepreneur ReShonda Parker

ReShonda Parker

This interview is part of Exeleon Magazine’s celebration for Women’s History Month. The entire month we are releasing multiple interviews, stories, and articles of established as well as emerging women entrepreneurs.

Can you please introduce yourself and your background as a woman entrepreneur.

Hi! Mt name is ReShonda Parker and I am a 45 year young mother of 3 beautiful children ages 24, 19 and 11!

I have been a professional fashion model for 20 plus years now. I also create one of a kind and custom jewelry pieces and I’ve been a vendor at an open-air market for 6 years now. The name of my jewelry business is ” Sugar”!

I also enjoy cosplay modeling where I become different characters from X- Men’s Storm to Morticia Addams! I’ve always been a creative and because I have a background in fashion as well, I create costumes. I have always loved jewelry and decided to start my own business back in 2012. It was so amazing to see people get excited about my work and even more exciting to see them wear my pieces!

Talk to us about your brand. What is the nature of your service or solution?

My business ” Sugar ” is an accessory business where I create quirky, fun, classy, one of a kind pieces that speak to the wearer.

Being a woman entrepreneur, what are some of the biggest challenges that you faced in your journey?

One of the challenges I faced was not so much being a woman as it was competing with big chain stores that people already knew about. It was a little difficult starting out because not everyone will see your vision, but I put in a lot of work to get my name out there. Also sometimes being a woman, people may not take you seriously. You have to just show them different.

What according to you makes one an empowering woman?

A woman who stays true to self and doesn’t allow others to sway her from her dreams. Someone who has been through many struggles and at the end of it still stands. A woman who lives by example, relies on God, and doesn’t give up when things get hard.

What would be your advice for aspiring and emerging women entrepreneurs?

Follow your heart and chase your dreams. Give it your all and do what you love. It’ll never feel like work. I also say do your research, never stop learning. And pray often.

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Where do you see your business or your brand in the near future?

I see myself doing bigger things with my modeling because I enjoy networking at all my events. I want to start an organization to help young girls and women do what they are passionate about and to never stop striving to be their best. I also want my jewelry to be in those big stores I use to look in for jewelry!

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