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Taking control of your own personal development and growth is crucial in today’s competitive environment, given the changes that occur in business environments, markets, and industries. Personal and professional development gives you a competitive edge in a crowded workforce, helping you differentiate yourself and stand out differently in the world. Whether it be attaining better presentation skills, learning to communicate effectively, improving your leadership approach,, or even helping discover hidden strengths within yourself, personal and professional development is essential.

For Hana Boruchov, Founding Partner at Boruchov, Gabovich & Associates, her personal and professional growth helped her become the pioneer that she is today. Although she claims to be never a leader to start with, her will to lead by example on a daily basis and finding solutions to the problems at hand resulted in her leading a prominent law firm.

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, NYC, Boruchov, Gabovich & Associates, P.C. is a full-service boutique domestic and international tax controversy, immigration, and commercial law firm. The firm is a renowned name for handling law cases related to tax litigation, FBAR compliance, trust fund recovery penalties, individual and corporate audits, voluntary disclosures, installment agreements, 1031 exchanges, contract negotiation, offers in compromise, entity formation, seizures, business immigration services, and much more.

A Progressive Start

Hana grew up in a bilingual, multicultural household and lived across several countries. She spent her childhood on three different continents attending three elementary schools and three other high schools. Hana’s educational front was primarily distinguished as she was the first female to get a bachelor’s degree on either side of her family and the first person to get a graduate degree.

While she never envisioned herself to become a leader, she always did what she believed was necessary and right.

Doing Right by Everyone

Hana had a career prior to joining the legal space and did not start college until later in her life. What persuaded her to become an attorney was her interest in the notion of justice and fairness. She says, “I wanted to make a difference in the world, and I believed that a law degree would be the right way to help me accomplish my goals.”

However, years later, when Boruchov, Gabovich & Associates commenced its operations, the whole world was fighting the peak phase of the COVID-19  pandemic. It was the time when headlines spoke of employees getting laid off, and dark clouds loomed over many industries.

Additionally, during this time, Hana Boruchov was pregnant with her first child and knew she had to take significant risks to make a better life for her daughter and herself. At the same time, she also knew that people out in the world needed her help.

And now, as the Partner with Leo Gabovich, she is proud of the firm’s ‘white-glove’ service that makes sure she and her associates’ best abilities, compassion, and understanding are available to the clients when they need it the most. Alongside the esteemed services, Hana also makes sure to give each and every client individualized service. “We strongly believe in communication and give our clients the peace of mind they deserve.”

Outstanding Recognitions

According to Hana Boruchov, a transformational leader is one that has gone through a transformation themselves and uses their understanding through their development to assist others. Through personal growth she went through her own phase of transformation, one which ultimately led her to become a renowned name and win multiple accolades.

Hana is an honoree of Superlawyer’s Rising Star Award for 2019 & 2020, Outstanding Women in Law Award for 2020, Top Attorney in America Award for 2020, Diversity in Business Award for 2020, Avvo Clients’ Choice Award for 2019, and was named the 40 Under 40 by Long Island Business News. Moreover, she is also recognized for being an exceptional speaker and author.

Overcoming Personal Challenges

Hana overcame her professional challenges by offering esteemed services and looking after the people that needed help. However, there was a significant hurdle that restricted her growth personally on the personal side of things.

She explains, “With an infant and running a law firm, I have found it a little challenging to sort out my work-life balance. I believe both are important and figuring out a solution that leaves you with personal and professional satisfaction has been a steep learning curve for me.”

Having a good work-life balance is also what she advises emerging leaders in the legal industry to work on. This delicate balance reminds her of one of the quotes by Nelson Mandela — “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

For the future, this is exactly what Hana envisions to achieve – a perfect work-life balance. “I plan to find that work-life balance and to continue to grow both professionally and personally.”

Hana’s professional journey has shown us that good things happen when you put others ahead of yourself and set your own interests and desires to grow. And her career proves this is true not only for attorneys but for anyone looking for success in any field.

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