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How Businesses Can Save Over $1,000 Annually on Cell Phone Bills

Rob Webber on businesses can save Cell Phone Bills

This article by Rob Webber, Founder and CEO of MoneySavingPro, on how businesses can save their cell phone bills was featured in Exeleon’s Influential Leaders to Follow issue. Click here to read the digital version of the issue.

In an era where every dollar counts, businesses across the United States are constantly on the lookout for ways to slash expenses and boost their bottom lines. One often overlooked area ripe for savings is the company’s cell phone bill.

I’ve outlined a few actionable strategies companies can employ to reduce their cell phone expenses significantly.

The Hidden Costs of Big Wireless Carriers

Cell phone bills represent a substantial monthly expense for many businesses, often inflated by unnecessary services, lackluster plans, and the premium prices charged by big wireless carriers.

The allure of sticking with a well-known provider is strong, driven by the perception of better coverage and customer service.

However, this loyalty comes at a cost, potentially thousands of dollars annually, that could be better invested in growth initiatives.

Big wireless providers are notorious for continued price hikes, hidden fees, and confusing terms and conditions. However, low-cost alternatives have maintained or even lowered the price of their plans and given businesses price transparency.

Uncovering Savings with a low-cost carrier

Low-cost carriers like Tello and US Mobile are game changers in the business cell phone plan landscape.

They operate on major networks like T-Mobile and Verizon but at a fraction of the price. You’ll get the same quality coverage for your business needs without the hefty price tag.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional carriers, affordable carriers offer tailored plans, ensuring you only pay for what you genuinely need.

They also far exceed the competition in terms of customer service satisfaction. By switching from a big wireless carrier, businesses can unlock substantial savings without compromising on customer service quality or cellular coverage.

Evaluating Your Business Cell Phone Needs

The first step in slashing your cell phone bill is to audit your current usage and needs thoroughly.

Many businesses overpay for unlimited data plans when their actual data consumption is far lower.

Flexible plan options allow businesses to customize based on actual usage, ensuring you’re not overpaying for unnecessary data, talk, or text allowances.

The Advantages of Customization

With these low-cost carriers, customization is key. Businesses can tailor plans to fit their unique needs, adjusting data, talk, and text allowances as needed.

This flexibility ensures that each employee’s plan is optimized for their specific usage patterns, eliminating wasteful spending on unused services.

Streamlining Management and Billing

These carriers also simplify the management of multiple lines, offering centralized billing and easy-to-use management tools.

This saves time and provides a clearer overview of your company’s cellphone expenses, making it easier to identify further savings opportunities.

Real-World Savings Example

Consider a small business currently using a big wireless carrier with 10 lines, each with an unlimited plan costing $40 per month. The annual cost for this setup is $4,800.

By switching to US Mobile or Tello and tailoring each line to match actual usage, the monthly cost per line could drop to as low as $10-25, reducing the annual expense to between $1,200-3,000.

This simple change that takes moments can save the business $1,800-3,600 annually.

How MoneySavingPro Can Help

At MoneySavingPro, we specialize in uncovering the best deals and strategies to save families and businesses money across a wide range of expenses, from phone plans to 5G internet.

Our expertise lies in rigorous research, industry knowledge, and in-depth comparisons to bring you insights that can lead to substantial savings.

When it comes to cutting down your cellphone bill, our guidance is based on real-world experience, unbiased reviews, and our analysis of market patterns.


In today’s competitive business environment, finding ways to reduce overhead while maintaining operational efficiency is crucial.

Your company can unlock significant savings by reassessing your business’s cellphone needs and considering alternative carriers like US Mobile or Tello.

Remember, the goal is to pay for what you use, not for the perceived prestige of sticking with a big name. Embrace the savings potential and reinvest those funds into areas of your business that can drive growth and success.

About the Author – Rob Webber

Rob has 15+ years of experience running price comparison & review websites in the US and UK that empower consumers and businesses to find the cheapest phone services and internet providers.

He has written advice pieces on a variety of topics surrounding the wireless sector as well as regarding other consumer finance issues.

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