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Herrington Technology: Disrupting the SAP Industry through Dynamic Leadership

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Every aspect of life on earth is guarded by a simple and universal process known as evolution. This process, however, is also applicable to various aspects of human life, including business. With trade among humans dating thousands of years back, the business world, as we know today, is highly different; highly evolved.

But the basic processes of business has remained the same throughout, even though the approach may have changed.

Fast paced innovation in all walks of business has enabled automation and error-free execution of many such basic processes, since they are redundant, yet important, in nature. SAP Solutions gained popularity as the digital revolution picked up speed, causing thousands of disruptive companies to adopt SAP in their business operations. One among them was Herrington Technology.

How it all Started

Understanding the importance of SAP Solutions and its fast penetration in different industries, Valery Herrington started Herrington Technology in 2009, during peak depression in the U.S. Herrington Technology is now regarded as one of the most respected and established SAP Solution providers in the industry.

Aside from the fact that she started this company during the worst depression faced by the world, Valery Herrington built it from the ground up with zero financial support, facility, or other resources.

During a period that spoke of sluggish business and economic growth, Herrington Technology was able to pull through only because of strong leadership under someone who held confidence and courage in swift decision-making, and close-to-perfect execution of ideas.

The North Star

Valery Herrington, Founder and CXO of Herrington Technology, is not only the North Star, but also the captain for the company, helping and guiding the team to row through rough waters. Apart from her virtuous leadership, Valery Herrington is also responsible for the strong roots of honest and proactive work ethic that runs within the company. One must still bear in mind, that building this was not an overnight success. This multi-channel technology solution took time, patience, and hard work in all the right directions to become what it is today.

Valery is known for her vast and deep understanding of the subjects that govern the functioning of this industry. With not only Computer Science, her college education is also graced by detailed knowledge of Economics and her love for the German language.

Besides that, she later on went to graduate with an Executive MBA from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School with technology for business, finance, and healthcare as the core focus areas. All this education has not only helped Valery to gain insights into business and team management, but has also enabled her to develop a sophisticated approach towards tackling some of the most terrifying scenarios a leader can face in the business environment.

To catapult her understanding of business management, she worked in various companies with ingenious leaders, in Silicon Valley. Her work experience speaks highly of her contribution to the development of databases, emerging products, performance tuning, operating systems, as well as security integrations and customizations using enterprise programming languages.

The Renowned Ship

Herrington Technology has been in the highly competitive ERP industry for the past 11 years, best known for its diverse offering of SAP ERP solutions. This diverse offering has enabled them to stand out from the crowd and provide solutions that cater to every client’s needs.

The company is also applauded by many for its strong work ethic and highly intuitive client support. Additionally, it is also sought as an inspiration due to the guidance of Valery Herrington who not only leads the team with her insights about the industry, but also inspires them by leading through example. With a hands-on approach to her work at the company, this founder has reshaped the way she operates with her team.

Product and Service Offerings

Herrington Technology has made its unique footprint in the industry, thanks to the products and services offered by them. These products and services are customized to the greatest detail to fit their client’s needs and are disrupting the industry with innovation and understanding of the same. Herrington Technology has specifically differentiated in the solution and service delivery with their brand label ‘PCAAS Solution’.

Herrington Technology’s primary product line has provided clients with leading SAP solutions, aiding them both increased ROI and surpassing desired business goals. The company has offerings for both, SMEs as well as large enterprises. Catering to small and medium enterprises, Herrington Technology has services ranging from SAP Business One, SAP business By-design, JAM for Social Media to SAP HANA Platform development solutions. On the other hand, SAP Cloud, and Enterprise Business solutions are some solutions targeted at larger organizations.

Moreover, the company also offers HANA-based installation, implementation, and configuration services to their clients. Customization of SAP HANA and transfer of knowledge and expertise for their client’s education, before finalizing a solution and initiating implementation has enabled Herrington Technology to provide solutions that best caters to every business and resource planning requirement of a client. This approach has allowed Herrington Technology to be recognized as one of the most disruptive companies in the SAP Solutions industry.

Perquisites for Clientele

When asked about the perquisites received by their customers, Valery expressed, “Herrington technology provides customized solutions designed to fit each customer’s unique business and technology requirements for success and the process we use to differentiate us from other competitors.”

Apart from this, Herrington Technology also has a customer loyalty program. “Our customer loyalty program is at the core of our delivery model. By deploying in a customer-centric fashion we are able to achieve a high level of happiness in employment roles,” Valery stated with underlying passion towards their approach.

She further went on to talk about various challenges faced by enterprises operating in the SAP industry. According to Valery, if an enterprise wishes to make a difference, companies must leverage each opportunity walking their way and make each interaction with their clients count. This, as she states, has been one of the few reasons that has helped Herrington Technology gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.

The Sail Ahead

With the power of innovation and resilience at their side, Herrington Technology is expected to flourish at a remarkable pace in the coming years. Being a disruptive company in a highly competitive business environment is bound to provide great value and learnings. “If you are truly on the leading edge of technology you will be driving some disruption,” said Valery, sharing one of her insights, which has catapulted the company’s growth throughout.

Valery also opened up a little about her future plans for the company, shedding light on the fact that she and her team are extremely excited to entail a journey that allows them to scale faster and create a business footprint that is even bigger than their current one.

“The journey is never-ending. But we are very excited for the future and have many plans in store. The industries we have operated in continue to advance and we are looking forward to it,” Valery concludes.

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