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Hashveer Singh: Championing Change through Sustainability

Hashveer Singh Exeleon Magazine

Over the years, climate change hasn’t just affected the environment, but also molded the very fabric of millions of lives and their livelihoods. Much like trying to piece together a puzzle, many people still grapple with fundamental needs like education, health, and food security.

It, therefore, is also essential to point out that there is no make-do solution to address all these challenges quickly. To really make a difference, one needs a persistent strategy, given the strong links between climate change and sustainability.

One such pioneer who is offering a transformative approach in the ESG space is Hashveer Singh. As the Managing Director at Veers Group, he is a respected and inspiring figure within this field, driving the ESG narrative ahead in South Africa and delivering real and impactful results.

As a young, dynamic, and purpose-driven leader, Hashveer Singh seizes every opportunity to ask real questions, challenge the assumptions of ESG and engage in a common and collective perspective that champions sustainability at its core.

Early Entrepreneurial Inspiration

Entrepreneurial inspiration often springs up in the environment we grow up in. Walking down the memory lane, Hashveer’s earliest memory as an entrepreneur is peppered with nostalgia and affection.

“My mother used to run the primary school tuck shop and during lunch breaks there was always a bustling queue of students waiting to get their hands on everything,” he recalls with a smile.

“But I have a secret,” he pauses, “I would run a separate queue at the back of the tuck shop and increase the price of the cold drinks and pies until the principal caught me,” he remembers.

Singh recognizes that his mother played a unique role in nurturing his entrepreneurial spirit; serving as a beautiful reminder that big dreams start from the humblest of beginnings.

Little did he know that this entrepreneurial streak would enable him to take on greater initiatives in the future.

Till today, Hashveer carries this spirit of resilience, intense rigor, and unmatched creativity into his work. He believes these early lessons weren’t just limited to business; they were about leading a life fueled with meaning.

His Six-step Leadership Blueprint

According to Hashveer, a successful leader is someone who has a blend of those qualities and skills that inspire and guide a team toward achieving unified goals. “The most important qualities,” he points out, “are vision, communication, integrity, resilience and innovation.”

To help others pick up these qualities, he has created a six-step leadership blueprint. It begins with self-awareness, where leaders should reflect on their strengths and areas for growth while remaining open to feedback and continuous improvement. Second, lead by example by demonstrating the values you expect from your team members.

Third, communicate clearly to articulate your vision and expectations with lucidity and passion. Fourth, delegate and trust your team members based on their strengths and give them the autonomy to complete those tasks; trust in their abilities and provide guidance when needed.

Fifth, provide growth opportunities for learning and development, thus enhancing their skills to contribute more effectively. Lastly, adapt and learn by pivoting your approach based on the needs of the situation and the evolving dynamics of your team.

Driving Impact in South Africa

Singh’s Veers Group stands at the forefront of the ESG movement, reshaping the social investment journey of many companies and allowing the investors to see how these investments create a meaningful impact.

Since 2018, his company has spearheaded the rise in demand for ESG reporting. Hashveer particularly views Reatec, which is a part of Veers Group, as the sturdy anchor for the renewable energy sector growth as it aims to positively influence the Independent Power Producers’ (IPPs) office, the Department of Minerals Resource and Energy.

For more context, Reatec is an exclusive technology solution for ESG reporting in South Africa that offers organizations a tangible opportunity to yield real results.

This has further compelled companies to integrate ESG reporting into its core operations, prompting leaders to innovate sustainable business models that embrace the best of both worlds: tangible benefits and long-standing value.

But, behind every success stands a resilient and talented team pouring their efforts and waiting to see the impact. And Hashveer Singh realizes this.

He acknowledges the potential of his young, skilled, and enthusiastic developers who further the expansion and success of his company. However, he also emphasizes that, while growth is essential, he and his team are committed to safekeeping the customers’ data on its platform as a top priority.

Leadership for Sustainable Solutions

As the Managing Director of the company, Hashveer’s role typically involves a combination of strategic leadership, business development, decision-making, and oversight of various aspects of the business; additionally, as a Chartered Accountant (CA) he also manages risk within the business.

Unfailingly, he believes that promoting sustainable development is crucial for the long-term success and well-being of both businesses and society as a whole.

While sharing his advice for upcoming leaders and entrepreneurs in the sustainability space, he expresses, “You should start by educating yourself and the team around you. Make sure that you collaborate within the space and invest in innovation and R&D.”

He also suggests that sustainable development is not a one-size-fits-all approach as it requires a customized strategy that aligns with your industry, values, and goals.

Exciting Times Ahead

Hashveer shares that his company has grown into an ecosystem to support South Africa’s transition to renewable energy while bringing transparency to foreign investors on ESG elements for their investments in South Africa.

“We have packaged together a team of trusted experts to bring value to our clients. Looking forward we have a diverse, impactful, and driven team to succeed, and this brings a great deal of comfort to our clients. The team has grown to 132 people, and we keep expanding,” he elaborates.

Ultimately, his vision is to contribute to the energy transition, and he is excited that there is great potential in South Africa for renewable energy; as this opens more doors for job opportunities, upskilling, community investment and most importantly, energy security.

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