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In an exclusive interview with Exeleon Magazine, Nicole Young, Owner of Frisky Whiskey, shares her love for whiskey and how she formed her very own flavored whiskey brand.

This is part of our ongoing Interview Series with Empowering Women Leaders from around the globe.

What according to you makes one an empowering woman? How do you integrate the same thought into your leadership?

I believe an empowering woman is someone who not only shines naturally but inspires those around her to tap into their inner spark and to use that spark to do big things. I make it my business to surround myself with individuals that I can inspire but who also inspire me. I think that combination is one the most important keys to operating and growing a business.

Talk to us about your growing up years. What is your earliest memory as a leader / Entrepreneur?


By age 5 I was the cousin that would convince all the other kids to put on a performance (that I of course wrote, choreographed, styled, and designated the roles to) for the grownups at our family parties. And the “shows” were pretty epic!

I also remember my dance teacher Miss Francine telling me that I had leadership skills somewhere around that same age. She would often place me in the front row or have me face the class and use me as an example to the rest of the class. That memory in particular is a constant reminder to lead by example.

What prompted your interest in whiskey? How did you go on to form your own flavored whiskey brand?


My interest in Whiskey was really sparked by my love of creating flavor. As a recipe developer in the food space, I’d always used flavor to transform and expand people’s views as well as their palates, so creating a whiskey with the intent to transform pre-conceived notions about whiskey and expand the whiskey audience was something I jumped at the chance to do.

Frisky Whiskey Exeleon Magazine

Talk to us about the research and crafting process that has gone into making Frisky Whiskey?


After extensive market research, we determined that there was a void that could be filled in the whiskey space, specifically where flavored whiskey was concerned. In stark contrast to what flavored whiskey meant before Frisky, we created a premium whiskey with natural flavor. No fruity taste, no artificial flavoring and no dessert-like after taste.

As a black female entrepreneur, what have been some of the biggest challenges and learnings in your journey?


One of my key takeaways as a Black female entrepreneur is that virtually everyone will doubt you and your ability to succeed (including many of the people who smile, congratulate you, and tell you how proud they are of what you’re doing) but if your work and your product speak for themselves, the only pat on the back you need is from you own hand and the only people you need to impress are the people in your target audience.

Having received multiple awards and emerging as one of the fastest growing brands in the spirits industry, how do you plan on scaling the Frisky Whiskey brand?

I am extremely thankful to my female-lead team and truly humbled by their hard work with ensuring the great start Frisky Whiskey has gotten off to. In under a year, we’ve opened distribution in 7 states and have secured shelf space with major retail chains like Walmart, Costco, and Total wine.

With plans underway to launch in another 5 markets and a new distribution deal in the works (details coming soon!) we are eyeing national expansion. The goal is a strong presence for Frisky Whiskey in large chain retailers as well as smaller liquor stores across the country.

Finally, what would be your advice for women entrepreneurs when it comes to maintaining work-life balance?


Work-life balance advice is tricky because every woman’s situation is unique but the one thing, I would recommend women in business prioritize is their health. It’s very important to take diet and exercise seriously!

Entrepreneurship can take its toll on your mind, body, and soul and there is a deep connection between feeling healthy and strong and performing that way both at work and at home.

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