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Changing the Sales Landscape: Leveraging AI, EI, and a Growth Mindset for Success

Elyse Archer on Changing the Sales Landscape with AI

Following is an article written by Elyse Archer discussing the impact of AI on the sales industry, emphasizing the need for continuous learning and adaptation to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape on building a successful business by leveraging the skills and tools you already possess. The article is part of Exeleon’s 2024 Women History Month Celebration.

In a world where AI is evolving faster than most can imagine, where writers are getting laid off in droves, lawyers are minimized, and the worry that AI will replace 2.4 million jobs by 2030, according to Tech.co, there is still a real opportunity to adapt.

In an industry where antiquated methods are still at large, and where understanding how our mindset works to help us succeed is largely ignored, lies an opportunity for massive change.

The problem is that most people don’t know how to leverage a technology that gets smarter with every input and every stroke of a key, or how to manage their emotions in a way that creates breakthrough after breakthrough, especially in the world of sales.

The notion of ‘continuous learning’ isn’t merely advisable; it’s indispensable, mainly because those who choose to not adapt, clinging to outdated models and mindsets, will find themselves has-beens in a world that has moved on without them. Adaptation is the name of the game, and it’s a game that rewards the swift, the agile, and the visionary.

The Role of AI in Sales

Success was once only measured by the grit and persistence of a salesperson. Yet, here we are, standing on the brink of a new era where AI tools and technologies are not just assistants but core drivers of our sales strategy.

From CRM systems powered by AI that predict the hottest leads to chatbots that provide 24/7 customer service with a personal touch, the game is changing. With their Einstein AI and HubSpot’s chatbots, companies like Salesforce lead the charge, revolutionizing how we connect with and serve our clients.

However, the rapid adoption of AI in sales can be risky. Not because of the technology itself but because of the potential for misuse and the ethical dilemmas it introduces. How do we ensure that AI enhances the customer experience without compromising personal touch? How do we safeguard against biases in AI algorithms that could lead to unfair practices?

Notably, AI is freeing up sales professionals’ time, allowing them to focus more on the human aspect of selling. The technology is estimated to save sales professionals an average of two hours and 15 minutes a day, highlighting its capacity to automate manual tasks and enable professionals to concentrate on more critical aspects of their roles​​.

History has shown us that humanity can adapt and thrive with every technological advancement. We’re not just passive observers but the architects of this new sales paradigm.

Remember that AI in sales isn’t about displacing human connection; it’s about deepening it. It’s about leveraging technology to uncover insights that were previously out of reach, enabling us to serve our customers with a newfound depth of understanding and empathy.

A Shift in Consciousness: Integrating the Feminine and Masculine in Sales

For too long, the sales landscape has been dominated by what many would call ‘masculine’ traits: aggression, competitiveness, and a relentless pursuit of results, often at the expense of connection, empathy, and understanding—the ‘feminine’ qualities. But here’s a truth that might unsettle some: the most powerful sales strategies emerge from the harmonious blend of these energies. It’s not about one overshadowing the other; it’s about integration.

The study, conducted by Limbu et al. (2016) and published in the “Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing,” found that when salespeople are good at adapting their sales approach based on understanding and caring about their customers’ feelings (empathy), they tend to build better relationships with customers. Although being empathetic doesn’t directly lead to better sales results, seeing things from the customer’s point of view improves sales outcomes.​

It begins with self-awareness, recognizing our biases and tendencies towards one energy over the other. It’s about consciously cultivating qualities that may not come naturally to us but are essential for the modern salesperson. This means stepping into our client’s shoes with genuine curiosity, listening more than we speak, and approaching each interaction with a mindset of service rather than conquest.

The goal isn’t to overpower but to understand, not to conquer, but to connect. It’s about recognizing that the true power lies in the balance, and by integrating both masculine and feminine energies, we can craft sales strategies that are more humane and infinitely more effective.

Mindset as the Foundation of Sales Success

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, your mindset is not just a part of the equation—it is the equation. The psychological barriers that hold us back—fear of rejection, impostor syndrome, and a scarcity mindset—are the real culprits behind stalled sales figures. These aren’t just hurdles but fortress walls that keep us from reaching our potential.

But here’s the good news: just as the mind constructs these barriers, they can be deconstructed. Overcoming them begins with cultivating a growth mindset, a concept by psychologist Carol Dweck, who found that individuals who believe their abilities can be developed (a growth mindset) outperform those who believe their abilities are fixed (a fixed mindset). This shift in perspective changes everything. Suddenly, each rejection becomes a stepping stone rather than a tombstone on your sales journey.

So, how do we overcome these psychological barriers? It begins with a conscious decision to shift our focus from what we fear to what we can control. We must train ourselves to embrace failure as feedback, to view challenges as opportunities for growth, and to celebrate every small victory along the way. This is not a quick fix but a fundamental shift in how we perceive the act of selling itself.

The Future of Sales: A Holistic Approach

Sam Altman, the head of OpenAI, is excited about how it will improve areas in all types of jobs. He’s passionate in his belief that AI isn’t about replacing jobs but enriching them, making our daily tasks more creative and fulfilling.

Tech is changing how we sell things so fast it’s incredible. But adapting quickly and thinking ahead is crucial to doing well. Adaptation is the name of the game, and it’s a game that rewards the swift, the agile, and the visionary.

When it comes to sales, the key to success is being open to learning new things, being able to change, and always trying to get better. Being okay isn’t enough these days; you must aim to be the best. This means looking at problems as opportunities, being open to advice, and seeing every conversation as a chance to learn something new.


Our mental and emotional states are as crucial as our sales tactics in this new sales era. The energy we bring to our interactions can be the difference between a missed opportunity and a lifelong client relationship. It’s about showing up as our best selves, fully present and genuinely interested in the people behind the purchases.

The most successful salespeople will understand that the key to unlocking their full potential lies not in external factors but within themselves. They will be the ones who recognize that a sale is not just a transaction but a human connection and that empathy, authenticity, and a genuine desire to solve problems are their most powerful tools.

About Elyse Archer

Elyse Archer is an entrepreneur, thought leader, and international keynote speaker with an extraordinary passion for helping sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners revolutionize their sales approach. As an author and a 3X Salesforce Top Influencer, Elyse’s insights have been featured in major media outlets, including Forbes and Inc. She is the founder of Superhuman Selling and She Sells movements, which provide invaluable resources for those determined to unlock their potential and improve their income.

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