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Dr. Tugrul Kararli: Staying Relevant for Tomorrow

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In the context of entrepreneurship, the idea or the meaning of knowledge has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. From physical labor, technical skills to an innovative mindset, the pure definition of knowledge has transformed completely. However, what has not changed is the ability to make data-driven decisions, which is the core of any organization, its results, or efficiency.

And when it comes to industries like Pharma, there is no room for making any error as they run on practical data analysis, learn from facts & results, and are in direct conflict with sacred human life. What works in the industry is a wide breadth of knowledge, experience, and management to not only run a business but to enhance people’s lives.

Exeleon features one such erudite personality on its cover whose knowledge and experience of over 40 years in the pharmaceutical industry has contributed to bringing a revolutionized method of making informed decisions from digital data.

Meet Dr. Tugrul Kararli, the President and Founder of PharmaCircle, a company serving commercial and emerging stage life sciences companies and suppliers from around the world with integrated data and powerful analysis tools.

Leading with Experience

With a BS in Pharmacy and Ph.D. in Pharmacology, Dr. Kararli served at Searle/Pharmacia for 18 years before establishing PharmaCircle in 2003. Over the course of his journey, Dr. Tugrul Kararli has seen a lot of changes within the industry and beyond.

“Pharma/Biotech Industry has evolved significantly over the past three decades, paralleling the advances in life sciences in general. By 2010 top 10 selling drugs have already transitioned from small molecule drugs to protein and antibody-based biologics,” says Dr. Kararli. “Within the past few years, we are finally seeing the fruits of the advanced cell and genomic technologies in the form of personalized medicine.”

Witnessing all these substantial changes in his professional career, Dr. Kararli emphasizes that adapting to the change is the need of the hour, and today’s world leaders cannot escape from it. He mentions, “Within this rapidly changing business environment that we are in, flexibility and change must be in our DNA.”

As such, his most critical function as a leader is to make sure that his company’s offerings are always relevant to the present information needs of the clients. This is also the reason why he believes that an influential leader is someone who is a visionary, competent, and trustworthy individual who maximizes the contribution of their employees by creating a fear-free and ethical business environment.

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The Foundational Roots of PharmaCircle

During his stint at large pharma, Dr. Kararli’s role involved matching external drug delivery technologies with the internal drug delivery needs as part of life cycle management activities.

According to him, selecting the right delivery technology among multiple options requires a detailed and careful analysis of technology, followed by feasibility studies. And oftentimes, the selection of the correct delivery technology improves the odds of these programs making it to the marketplace.

Thus, in the year 2000, Dr. Kararli saw an opportunity, a need for an information service that could provide drug delivery and formulation information and analysis. And within three years, he introduced PharmaCircle.

“I launched PharmaCircle, and many of the pharma companies subscribed to our service within three years. Since then, our content has expanded to just about every aspect of the pharma business, making PharmaCircle perhaps the most comprehensive information service in the world. ”

To sustain this earned trust and continue his business, Dr. Kararli keeps a keen eye on client satisfaction as the number one priority for his company. He is of the opinion that service must not only have the right variety and quality but also offer IT solutions to maximize customer satisfaction with prevalent digital, online service.

He gives an example of PharmaCircle’s live customer service, which is available almost 24/7 to answer questions and inquiries. “This is almost like having an expert librarian on your staff. Customers are always amazed to find Kurt Sedo, VP of Customer Service and his staff on the other end of their calls and take care of their information needs.”

Taking the lead on the technological front, Dr. Kararli recently announced the Smart Search Engine to deliver tech-centric solutions as part of its service offerings. The engine’s history goes back to the year 2014, when team PharmaCircle implemented an innovative panoramic search engine that later became the basis of the Turboard Business Intelligent (BI) Platform.

Today, all the IT solutions of the company run on Turboard, and it acts as a stand-alone business, all the while challenging well-known BI tools in the industry. On the basis of it, Smart Search Engine provides the simplest form of Google Search type interface that everyone is accustomed to using. This innovative and easy-to-use search functionality effortlessly allows users to access PharmaCircle’s vast amount of hand-curated business and R&D intelligence service content.

About PharmaCircle

Established in 2003, the PharmaCircle organization has been providing clients with powerful analysis tools to navigate the delicate intricacies of pharmaceutical development and innovation.

At present, PharmaCircle information service provides an integrated, scientific view of global innovation spread across drug delivery, formulation & excipients, products & pipeline, supply chain, clinical trials, regulatory, molecule, and sales & transactions.

A Million Dollar Advice

Dr. Tugrul Kararli has been in the industry for over four decades. It goes without saying that to serve the industry for so long requires staying up to date with the latest knowledge and trends. This strategy of staying relevant to the industry is something that Dr. Kararli extends to emerging and aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, and researchers in the Pharma industry.

According to him, the skillset and work experience must always stay in line with the latest trends in the industry. It doesn’t matter whether it is being a part of a large organization or an owner.

“You must adhere to business ethics one hundred percent of the time. You must perform proper risk-benefit analysis to steer off dangers that could derail the business and its future,” he says. “I believe the technology revolution is still at its early phase, and young people should always look for opportunities to reduce or eliminate redundant work and business processes,” he adds.

A Progressive Future

As far as the pharma industry goes, Dr. Kararli says that the future is extremely bright, and he is delighted to be at the center of the current industrial revolution. He is positive that the next decade of advancement will result in curing many of the immune related disorders, cancers, CNS diseases and genetic disorders.

And during such evolving industrial developments, PharmaCircle has always been quick to adapt and implement exciting new contents and methods to serve its clients.

On the personal side of things, his passion for what he does for his organization and the industry has not waned one bit over the years. He is proud of the way his business has grown organically and continues to do so.

In the forthcoming years, Dr. Kararli will continue to supervise PharmaCircle’s growth by implementing and innovating solutions to stay relevant to changing information needs of the industry.

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