Charlar Acar: An Epitome of Trust, Commitment, and Excellence

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Leadership, in the post-COVID era, has become more perceptive. It is no longer bound to its dictionary definition. In fact, it has demonstrated the same metamorphosis that a caterpillar undergoes to evolve into a butterfly, and our changing preferences and outlooks have played the role of a catalyst.

Even as the world continues to witness a myriad of paradigm shifts, there is a strong possibility that the leaders of this era are poised for success by leaps and bounds. Regardless of what industry we’re associated with, a significant part of our daily lives revolves around seeking inspiration and the fruits of experience from such leaders.

One prominent example—that we exhibit through this story—is that of Charlar Acar, the Global Real Estate Advisor at New York Casas.

The Roots of his Craft

Diving deeper into his journey, we get a glimpse of what makes Charlar a leading real estate leader. Life, being nothing less than a hardcore endurance race, has usually thrown hurdles at him.

However, Charlar Acar attributes his aspect of perseverance to his single mother; a woman who he mentions to be inherently tough, extremely hard-working, and unwaveringly resilient.

Almost every summer, she’d send Charlar to Turkey in an effort to keep him in proximity to his culture, traditions and, most importantly, family. Her constant guidance and herculean efforts to survive in unknown territory with limited resources, are what emboldened Charlar both personally and professionally.

As to what made him choose the real estate industry, a close friend of Charlar’s stepfather was a broker and advised working alongside him, somewhat of an apprenticeship, and to decide whether or not Charlar had potential in this industry.

Initially, it wasn’t what Charlar had expected, and decided to venture out on his own, joining Nest Seekers International as an individual agent. He always had a certain affinity for architecture but didn’t have the academic aptitude to become an architect – but he still vicariously pursued that profession through Real Estate.

A Perfect Balance

Providing a brief insight into Charlar’s daily life, he begins his day with a great boost of oxytocin tending to his beagle, Hank.

Charlar’s schedule is sporadic, and he needs to be available round the clock for his clients. “I rarely have a full day off, as there is always a task to complete or follow up on. I remain active in the community, attend networking events, and meet with my colleagues on a weekly basis,” adds.

Finding the equilibrium between personal and professional life was one of Charlar’s main struggles in the early stages of his career. “We are not machines, and the burn out syndrome could become your plight if you do not set boundaries,” he added.

A Name Synonymous with Trust

When it comes to Charlar’s professional voyage, he has always been dedicated to the core values that drive New York Casas towards success.

New York Casas is a premier online real estate brokerage that aids foreign nationals in buying, managing, and selling their New York City properties. Growing at 100% year over year, New York Casas is projected to become the top reference for international real estate in the city.

Its vision is to remain as a bespoke, boutique firm yet mighty. Comprised of a diverse group of international agents that offer a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience, the team at New York Casas fosters lifelong relationships, instead of pursuing rapid deals.

“It is imperative that we remain committed to high standards including discretion, integrity, and reputation as our core values,” says Charlar.

As a dedicated and driven team member, Charlar continuously strives to cultivate ways of adding value to any transaction that he is involved in. Transparency, accountability, and communication are invaluable attributes for his clients, and he aspires to provide prudent and objective real estate advice that is executable and sound, while maintaining a highly comprehensive ‘finger on the pulse’ approach on the market.

Lessons that Made Him Better

Throughout his professional journey, Charlar has endured and championed several challenges. It is praiseworthy how he has proficiently transformed those hurdles into lessons that now push the sails of his ship.

Taking us back to the early stages of his novice career, Charlar recalls that he wasn’t as disciplined and consistent as he should have been. He could concoct a variety of excuses and blame his adolescence or naivety. He now understands that he has become more aware of his potential and now reacts more assertively.

Charlar expresses that there are over 35,000 licensed agents in NYC, and he could be easily disposable. The competition is ferocious and there is a plethora of highly skilled agents. In an effort to remain on ‘top of mind’, one must be proactive, determined, and motivated.

Some challenges and lessons that Charlar wishes to share include how he dwells and sulks for excessive periods on what could have been, especially when a transaction crumbles. Charlar admits that some hurdles are disheartening and demoralizing, but he has been teaching himself to realize that not all components are under his control.

He comprehends that often he has to appease several different parties for even the simplest deals to occur but there is only so much time, energy and emotions that one can invest.

He also explains that one may very well be missing out on other fruitful ventures and opportunities if they remain fixated on one deal that never was. Furthermore, since Charlar and his fellow real estate connoisseurs are in sales, they must constantly follow up with clients and remain proactive.

He adds that idling will achieve nothing, especially in an ultra-high-paced and competitive market as NYC. However, there is a fine line of being too eager and assertive, clients and colleagues will immediately sense that. Always remaining calm and composed and learning how to say ‘no’ when necessary is what Charlar believes is the key.

Adding upon the lessons part, Charlar Acar also regrets not joining a well-established team when he began his career. The guidance and tutelage one could receive from a team leader is crucial in acclimating to the industry and propelling their career.

The Essence of Leadership

With an extended emphasis on impactful leadership, Charlar expresses that a leader must always be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing oneself to the core and being aware of their capabilities is imperative to managing both oneself and others.

He adds that identifying clear tangible goals is a crucial component and deciphering one’s priority will guide them in determining their mission. By collaborating without ego, showcasing humility and in certain occasions, vulnerability, will garner the respect of one’s team and fellow colleagues.

As advice—based on personal experiences—for aspiring and emerging leaders in the real estate space, Charlar shares that one must always be willing to learn from other colleagues and industry leaders.

He advices to do one’s utmost best to remain enthusiastic about their profession and constantly surround themselves with individuals that are smarter and more successful.

Prioritizing one’s daily activities and sticking to them is a vital aspect asl well. He also emphasizes on how planning is crucial and so is allocating time when one can fully focus on their business, every day. “It is easy to become distracted but having a strict regimen will have its dividends,” Charlar expresses.

He Envisions a Promising Tomorrow

Charlar Acar and the New York Casas are on a very promising and exciting trajectory. Although the firm was established less than a decade ago, it has made significant strides and is being regarded as one of the premier boutique firms, servicing both domestic and international clientele.

The firm’s principal broker, Philip Hordijk, is dedicated to expanding New York Casas in a variety of ways and is strongly opposed to complacency. Charlar explains that this expansion is not solely in terms of the number of agents but also the firm’s quality of service and expertise that would make it an indispensable resource for its current and future clients.

He says that it is challenging to predict what the future may hold. However, Charlar Acar is elated to be working alongside a wonderful group of colleagues that have a profound and genuine passion for real estate and every aspect of life.

“There are no limitations on how successful you can become, as long as you’re able to envision and implement that ambitious attitude with effective sustainable action,” Charlar concludes.

Visit Charlar Acar’s Website.

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