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Blake Sherwood – Transforming Countless Lives

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The world has become a global village with technology clutching the reins for inter-connectivity. Blake Sherwood, Strategic Partner and Vice President of Logistics at NIXCOVID, is one pioneer whose enthusiasm for technology innovations and scientific skills have touched multiple lives.

Blake’s curiosity and inquisitive nature has propelled him to build and manage 6 successful companies. He’s a serial entrepreneur with expertise in supply chain, logistics, government relations, buyer relations in pharmaceutical and consumer health products and markets. To top that off, he is also an innovator, a leader, and an enthusiast recognized for his leadership talents and entrepreneurialism.

Early Beginnings

Born in a family of entrepreneurs, the seeds of entrepreneurship were sown early on in Blake Sherwood’s life. While traveling and exploring appealed to him, it was only during his formative years that he decided to make his mark in the society through thoughtful solutions to persistent problems.

His childhood shaped him as an aspiring 4th generation business owner and he did not want to leave the planet devoid of important worldly goods like clear water, quality healthcare, and more. His resolute and unswerving vision to build a healthier world were his stepping-stones that would eventually go on to transform the lives of many.

Unblocking the roadblocks

Success doesn’t come easy for anyone. One has to face several pitfalls, stumble across different paths, and pursue every possible opportunity to attain victory.

Over the years, Blake hit multiple bumpy roads but his zeal to do things bigger than himself stood out as his driving force. Prior to the pandemic, he founded a printing company that focused on apparel and promotional printing for fraternities and sororities. However, due to the COVID shutdowns, he lost 90% of his business and was forced to shut shop.

However, his setbacks did not stop him. Blake Sherwood pivoted, moved on, and got back in the business in a different sector – the PPE sector.

From re-inventing the wheel of business relationships with diverse people to getting constantly tested for COVID-19 and vaccination to finally moving a million masks from China to the USA, he recalls navigating through these challenges during the pandemic has been his biggest learning lesson. These pivotal decisions not only defined him, but also left a transformative effect in the lives of others.

The Person Behind the Persona

Pragmatic and fearless are two words that expound Blake. He embodies the essence of a dedicated leader and does not shy away from going the extra mile.

Challenges do not faze him, even if it means traveling to the other corner of the world to learn Mandarin. In fact, his adeptness in Mandarin helped him carve out the intricacies of the international markets and overcome obstacles of working across the globe.

Continuing to believe in the true spirit of giving back to the community, Blake formed Sherwood Capital Holdings where he invested in all the companies aligned with the mission to serve one purpose : To make a global impact for a better world.

Another nugget of his perseverance was during the peak of the global pandemic, in March 2020, Blake brought in 10 million PPE products ranging from face shields, gowns to hand sanitizers in partnership with his father’s company Shambliss Security LLC. He felt this transaction had to happen, “It was just unfair that the nurses were stapling used masks on TV.”

Around the same time, he joined as the Director of Supply Chain Logistics for NIXCOVID, a medical equipment provider where he cruised through the challenges during the most ruinous days of COVID-19.

“We made PPE delivery deals happen in the middle of the crisis and the trigger for me was to watch the frontline healthcare workers wear poor quality PPEs.”

His extensive knowledge in logistics and finance helped in smoother, safer, and effective delivery of these PPEs to the governments, hospitals, and frontline workforces.

Furthermore, with improvements in technology and innovation accelerating during the period, it magnified his role at NIXCOVID. Blake found himself chasing, finding, spreading so many new technologies that would not be possible to create in 50 years.  He recalls “I think the pandemic did speed up the advancement in biotech, tech, and AI sectors. Things are getting done in a 5 months period of time instead of waiting for 5 years.”

Prior to his current position at NIXCOVID, he also sourced key PPE products to the State of Illinois (IEMA) amongst others.

His unwavering attitude has always unfolded beautiful opportunities. Additionally, his commitment to meaningful, impactful technology and innovation to make the world a better place to live in, has been truly extraordinary.

What the future holds

The path ahead gleams of promises for Blake Sherwood and his company as they continue to explore exciting ground-breaking technologies. His current focus is to find like-minded companies and entrepreneurs that are working to create a product or service to help the world in a positive way.

His involvement in an upcoming new technology related to the screening of COVID-19 is path-breaking. He is also on the look out for different alternative medicines and AI technology that would help to predict different diseases.

With Will There is a Way

A challenging past cultivates resilience and wisdom. Blake’s motivation to never give up is rooted in the phrase ‘with will there is a way’. He believes that if you don’t follow your dreams at a young age, you’ll live your life in regret. He also strongly recommends that one should never stop trying and keep walking in the direction of your dreams.

By making a mark as a young and promising leader at a global scale, his advice for aspiring young entrepreneurs and leaders is “Never say you’re not smart, mature, capable enough to follow your dream. It might take a few extra years if you’re younger but that’s part of the fun.”

Hard work is another ingredient that holds prominence before riding the wave of success. He adds “as long as you keep working, success will follow you. With will there is a way. Keep the will alive and strong.”

Take on Leadership

Blake’s interpretation of an influential leader is quite simple and moving. In his own words, he mentions:

“Great listeners naturally become great and influential leaders. Without listening and only speaking you might not be able to find the best possible outcome. Great leaders need to understand different perspectives. They need to listen to their subordinates and team members. This helps solve conflicts, and generate solutions.

One could say it is a requirement and a prerequisite to become a great leader. In my personal and professional experience, I realized by listening to the people in the room, I was able to understand their message, and relay mine in the most efficient way. I also relate better to the other person when I listen. Many of my business deals were easily handled and closed because I could understand the other person’s needs and objectives, and I could easily adapt accordingly.”

On a closing thought, he firmly believes that the building block of any healthy business or personal relationship — with clients or employees — is honesty. Any association devoid of honesty may reap short term gains, but at the extravagant cost of long term success.

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