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In Economics, the demand and supply curve plays a crucial role in setting up fortunes for countries. However, its robustness depends a lot on logistics. In recent times, various economies have started spending substantially to form a structure that would accommodate latest changes and ensure proper growth. Logistic companies are taking advantage of such a situation to introduce innovations and revamp their structure. Apex Logistics International Inc. has been practicing this method for a long time and, as a result, has positioned itself as one of the premier companies in the industry.

The growth of the company was triggered by some of the defining moments of cross-country trade. In 2001, when Apex Logistics ventured as an airfreight capacity provider, there was a huge gap in the market. Also, several freight forwarders were willing to be co-load arrangement providers. The business showed promise with the US and China trading terms gaining tailwinds. Apex leveraged this opportunity and, in 2003, expanded its business to the US.

Since then, the story is all about moving forward by adapting and adopting. The five-year duration from 2013 to 2018 witnessed the company setting foot in myriad departments, including “ocean, customs, domestic, and trade services.” Their charter segment touched new heights by expanding its flights to well over 500 segments per year.

The Work Mode

In Apex Logistics, the client on-boarding process follows a definite structure, where the BD team opens the game by having a chat with the clients to understand their pain points. The team then puts a value on providing comprehensive solutions, which covers competitive shipping cost, logistics solution, an IT platform to assist in tracking shipping records, customized reports, and a dedicated account management team.

This incorporation of sophisticated methods and holistic measures to sort out difficulties are moves inspired by Elsie Qian, the CEO of Apex Logistics. Her experience in a world leading freight forwarder has helped a lot in setting the structure in the company. Most notably, it encouraged a surge in technological investments, infrastructure development, and talent building. These moves are securing both the present and the future of the company. Moreover, this has helped in expanding the business.

The Road Ahead

Changing consumer behavior is having a positive impact on the e-commerce sector. Apex is placing its cards accordingly to ensure a substantial expansion rate. In fact, its deal with the US Customs to clear small packages without much hassle helps build the consumer network.

Moreover, Apex Logistics is perfectly placed to set up branches in countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Europe, and Oceania. The willingness to explore opportunities and adapt in order to set things in motion defines Apex’s success today.

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