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Antonio McBroom: Empowering Marginalized Communities

Antonio McBroom

Antonio McBroom is the CEO of Primo Partners, whose profound belief in the core values of passion, vision, and communication has propelled him to make an impact on his community and beyond.

In this exclusive interview, we uncover the essence of Antonio’s exceptional leadership philosophy and the impact he is making in empowering marginalized communities.

In your experience, what are some of the essential qualities a successful CEO should possess?

The essential qualities of success CEOs are passion, vision, & communication.

CEO can also stand for Chief Energy/Enthusiasm/Euphoria Officer, all of which require a high passion score and commitment to your work.  Having vision and sharing it with your team; which is tied to the quality of being committed to communication.  The most important communication CEOs have is their self-talk and learning and mastering oneself is a differentiating quality between the good CEOs and the great CEOs.

What is your idea of giving back? Why is advancing entrepreneurial opportunities for marginalized communities an important subject for you?

I believe giving back is multifaceted in terms of returning back to society the gifts that have been bestowed upon you…financial gifts, intellectual gifts, spiritual gifts.  Closing the financial achievement gap by creating growth opportunities for people like me is about legacy and lasting impact.  My faith tells me to serve God and serve others.  As taxing as it can be emotional, financially, and even physically to live servant leadership, leadership is a spiritual gift that I’ve been blessed with and in turn am trusted to share with others.

Talk to us about Primo Partners and how it’s making an impact to support Black Entrepreneurship.

PRIMO is a movement.  We’re a tribe of black entrepreneurs and leaders anchored in the southeast USA, home of Jim Crow, and we’re charged to break down the knowledge gap that holds back so many people from the Black Community from reaching their highest potential.  Through our 2 decades of experience and investment in world class leadership training and information, we’re able to package this information to support Black entrepreneurship and leadership development in a culturally relevant way.  I believe our story and journey is enlightening so many entrepreneurs of what a pinch of passion can make possible.

According to you, how can local business owners uplift the marginalized members of their communities?

Local businesses can be key in lifting up marginalized members of our community.  Employment is a vehicle for mobilization; for identity validation; for impact and purpose. So, we believe in being super intentional about unconscious bias and giving everyone a fair chance and a second chance when working with our team.  Also, businesses partnering with non profits and community organizations whose everyday work and purpose is serving marginalized communities can be uplifting.  We do this with United Way as well as other local organizations in our communities.

Looking ahead, what is your vision for Primo Partners? What are you most excited about?

My vision is for PRIMO to leave a lifetime impact of over $10B in business excellence for marginalized communities.  We’ll do this through empowering our diverse team to be financially sound personally, operating our own black owned business in a world class and including way, and through the consulting and coaching other businesses and entrepreneurs in the future. I’m most excited about the next generation of PRIMO leaders who will be the key in propelling our organization’s impact to these new heights.

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