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Andrea Schenone: Advocating Swiss Federal, Political and Economic Model

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There are many definitions of the term ‘leadership’ available across the web. However, for Andrea Schenone, leadership is not the position or just receiving a title. It is about the responsibility to bring out the best in others, which only succeeds when people naturally follow the leader’s example. His point of view also identifies a leader who is never satisfied with his or her knowledge. One who is distinguished by his or her humility from other unethical power-seekers. And a strong leader always inspires others to follow in his or her footsteps.

With this understanding, Andrea leads his organization Swiss Federalism to raise international awareness and promote true federalism, the cornerstone of Switzerland’s civil, political, and economic success.

A Journey Full of Learning

Andrea’s professional journey has been nothing short of exhilarating, always marked by curiosity and learning, and has included study, work, travel, meeting new people, and exploring new places. Hailing originally from Ligurian hinterland, Andrea graduated in Economics at the University of Genoa and embarked on a management and consulting career in the financial sector.

He spent six years in Italy (Genoa and Milan) and more than fifteen years in Zurich working for large and prestigious international players in the insurance and banking sectors, including RSA Insurance Group, Swiss Re, Allianz, Sberbank, Zurich Insurance, and UBS. And in 2019, Andrea created Swiss Federalism as a result of his observations on the welfare of Swiss federalism as well as the economic advantages that it offers.

With both Swiss and Italian citizenships, Andrea Schenone presently holds a position as a member of the National Association of Swiss Analysts (SFAA) and the Scientific Committee of the Milton Friedman Institute. He is the representative of Swiss Analysts (SFAA) in EFFAS, the European Federation of Financial Analysts. His other professional role is that of Switzerland’s representative to the prominent international organization Global Chamber of Business Leaders.

In Favor of Businesses

Andrea describes Switzerland as by far the best country in the world. The country is known for its quality of life, as an example of a well-functioning democracy, and for being one of the best business-friendly countries on earth.

In the words of Andrea Schenone, “True federalism is the cornerstone of Switzerland’s great democracy, a model for sincere democrats all over the world. Democracy and true federalism are the bulwarks against totalitarianism and the driving force behind the prosperity and economic success of Switzerland.”

And this is what Andrea wants to promote through his organization, Swiss Federalism. The organization’s primary agenda is to raise international awareness and promote true federalism, the cornerstone of Switzerland’s civil, political and economic success. To him, Swiss federalism is a model that should be promoted and spread to other state institutions across the globe, and he believes that it should be made more widely known and understood.

Swiss Federalism as a platform offers businesses to use its Swiss and international network to grow. With this initiative, it hopes to connect the Swiss market with markets in other nations that share Switzerland’s great values of freedom, democracy, and federalism.

In addition, the organization assists Swiss firms in their internationalization efforts, assists them in their digital transformation, in preparation for future difficulties, and in their quest to enter new markets. Moreover, the organization draws capital to Switzerland by assisting non-Swiss firms in entering and investing in Switzerland, linking them with the local market, and assisting them in relocating by providing them with guidance and tax and insurance services.

True Service to Clients

Swiss Federalism offers its clients a valuable business network that they can’t find anywhere else. Its magazine is already recognized as the ‘home’ to all federalists at the international level. With its translation in four languages, Swiss Federalism Magazine dives into many topics related to federalism and self-determination of peoples, and the major international geopolitical changes associated with them. In this regard, the platform boasts several highly qualified contributors and enjoys relations with leading universities and international organizations.

Even in the pandemic, the organization’s new projects were successful despite the unprecedented times. The move towards digitalization favored Swiss Federalism and its people to read digital magazines from all over the world.

“They get more of what they pay. We let them perceive the great value added by being involved in our organization. They receive our invaluable business network, an exceptional global business platform that cannot be found anywhere. Additionally, we also offer free professional consultancies in several fields and an annual interview to promote the company’s new members in the magazine Swiss Federalism, which is read all over the world. We also consider ourselves the secret access door to Switzerland.

A Stimulating Competition

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the gloomy predictions for the world economy, Swiss Federalism has set its sights on starting the first edition of an exceptional international competition aimed at rewarding start-ups and SMEs that can demonstrate the greatest capacity for innovation.

This honor will be known as the ‘Swiss Federalism, GCBL, and Milton Friedman Innovative Start-up/SME Award,’ and its presentation will take place at a gala event scheduled for September 18th, 2021, in Zurich. Applicants from any country in the globe who have a viable business plan are welcome to apply, including university spin-offs, start-ups, innovative SMEs, and project ideas.

The most forward-thinking global ‘mini-companies,’ will be given significant worldwide exposure among the finest European, North American, and Swiss venture investors. And the first twenty winners will be offered the opportunity, at their discretion, to become members of a Swiss investment fund. Through this fund, they will be able to receive significant funding for their growth and internationalization projects, as well as to put their ideas into action in a way that is truly ‘out of the box.’

Going Worldwide

Andrea Schenone will continue to support the ideals of true federalism in the future, while also empowering other businesses to do the same. As a leader, he will set an example by demonstrating genuine enthusiasm for global expansion, along with integrity values such as humility, respect, diplomacy, and the ability to surround oneself with the appropriate people, in order to achieve success.

In the next several years, Andrea hopes to make Swiss Federalism an even more well-known organization with a worldwide perspective. He envisions making the organization even more influential and well-known than it is currently, both on national and international level.

Moreover, Andrea aspires to attract the most qualified collaborators, establish the most appropriate priorities, and increase the organization’s worldwide reach by expanding its network of like-minded individuals who share the same Swiss values.

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