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Amy Cherry Taylor: Dedicated to Surpassing Clients’ Expectations

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Every goal we set out to achieve has a price tag attached to it. There is a price to pay for everything in life. And in most cases, this tag carries the label of time in the face of price. This is the time that everybody has to decide for. The time you dedicate to yourself, your loved ones, and the way you handle everyday business.

For Amy Cherry Taylor, such a time came when she was in the prime phase of her career working as a Legislative Assistant at a prominent firm. Setting her priorities right and deciding on the price tag of her goals, Amy shifted her focus to real estate and established her real estate team, Amy Cherry Taylor & Associates of Avery Hess Realtors.

Since this transition, Amy has become a beacon of light and a transformational leader setting examples in front of others, alongside achieving things at a level which others can’t even fathom.

Climbing the Success Ladder Quickly

Amy grew up in an environment that screamed ‘drive’ and ‘determination’ to succeed. Her dad was the sunlight that lit the perfect image of entrepreneurship in front of her. For Amy, however, the entrepreneurial journey had to wait until she was ready to settle in her 9-to-5 job.

At the start of her professional journey, Amy Cherry Taylor was serving a reputable lobbying firm in Washington DC, learning the ways of advocating and representing municipalities and clients all over the country. She was gaining knowledge from the best minds and grasping every single detail of Capitol Hill and the inner workings of the government. But, that was all about to change as Amy came closer to start her motherhood.

Giving birth to her first son — Jake — changed everything for Amy. She came to the conclusion that she cannot spend the next 18 years of her son’s life, caring for him only in her spare time when she’s away from her day job.

“I wanted to experience my son growing up before me. I was very serious about continuing to advocate for people and I wanted a career that would allow me to get out of it what I put in,” recalls Amy. “I wanted to work for myself and create a business where I could flourish as a respected businesswoman. I also knew the kind of mother I wanted to come first and I would build my business around that.”

The spark of entrepreneurship ignited once again on Amy. This time, it was her mother who pushed her towards this path. With her mother being a Realtor at that time, Amy was aware of the challenges and dedication the industry demanded. Then and there, she set the goal of obtaining her Real Estate Salesperson License while working her day job. She also planned to quit her job when her son turned one.

Ultimately, Amy was all set for her goals, objectives, and the path to becoming her own boss.

Time is of the Essence

Amy had the first-hand experience that real estate can be all day everyday work if one lets it be. When left freely, it can consume all the time of the individual and families alike. Hence, for Amy, taking out time to do the right things became the biggest roadblock in her journey. She had to be everything and everyone at the same time.

While the hardships of time were true, Amy was determined to set the priorities right by her family. To overcome the challenges, she kept her boys and husband first and prioritized their school activities and date nights respectively. She never missed a  single moment of her family’s life or any of the trips.

With her time perfectly timed to personal endeavors, Amy ventured out to set the right examples for the same in front of her professional peers. She started off by creating systems, processes, and services that were totally client and consumer-centric. She also focused on forming a team of like-minded individuals.

In the words of Amy, “Nothing is more important to me and my Team, than providing a level of service where people feel a part of our real estate family when they leave. If the client’s best interest is always being served, and nothing less than their success is achieved, then we are doing our jobs!”

And to deliver the best of services, the transformational leader has made sure that her team communicates with their clients and makes sure they are on top of the conversation. By reaching out consistently and staying in touch, the team stays abreast with all kinds of developments.

The Team that Completes Amy

Amy understands not everyone has the same idea of what stellar customer service and communication means to them. As such she only focuses on like-minded individuals that fit into her team naturally. “If I find amazing people, they will make the sum better than the parts and that is exactly what has happened!”

As a result, while Amy did not intend to form a team comprising only women, the team grew up to become a powerful group of women who share the elite goals and desire for the ultimate success of the clients and strive for family/work/life balance in their personal lives. As per Amy, “ACT & Associates is not the team it would be without our team members.”

Even in the global coronavirus pandemic, team Amy came together to form novel systems and policies and stay vigilant in keeping the clients and their families safe during the interactions. The pandemic forced people to relocate to an area they really wanted to live in or create a new lifestyle that didn’t involve traditional commuting. The market surged in the area and with that, came a host of challenges to keep everyone safe while working together.

Going through the same, Amy and her team clearly understood the challenges of the clients and worked tirelessly from home, helping children learn virtually. Such hurdles only strengthened the team to understand client needs and struggle to provide a higher level of services and help them navigate through the pandemic. The team also came together to support and checked in on one another regularly.

A Future Full of Growth

Amy started this journey to be the best mom, wife, and businesswoman she could be. She saw her place in the corporate world; to run her own company, run it in a manner that she could best serve her family and peers alike. All in all, her journey has been comprised of hard work. It has been wonderful, stressful, enjoyable and she absolutely loves what she does.

And for the future, Amy Cherry Taylor is nothing but excited. Under her tremendous leadership, Amy Cherry Taylor & Associates of Avery Hess Realtors seeks to soar high in the sky and stay at the forefront of real estate services and strategies. She has set her eyes to expand the brand and strives to implement the newest technologies along with a plan of action to reach the zenith of success for her team members as well as the clients.

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