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Agarwal Estates – Imparting Transparency into Real Estates

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From the decision to own one to choosing which one, buying a home is a cumbersome process. It takes time to settle on points like how the house should look or where it should be. And, with all these, budget comes as a huge factor. This budget is not just about how much the buyer can spend but also about what he is getting in return. And if the buyer is not an expert, the chances are high that he will end up on the losing side.

Manoj Agarwal, the Founder and Managing Director of Agarwal Estates, had to experience this first hand in 2010 when he was looking for a property. He realized clarity is a major issue in the real estate sector. He left his stable job at CISCO and decided to start something that will transform the market, and today, Agarwal Estates is one of the leading real estate players in Bangalore with branches in the US and Gujarat.

Impacting the Market

Apart from clarity in transactions and other aspects of the real-estate business, Agarwal Estates has emerged as a one-stop solution for all the real-estate related queries. It develops projects but acquires and resells as well. The services the company offers span across property and tenant management, renting, home decors and interiors, home loans, and more.

In fact, the company has decided to go holistic in its approach and included other services like khata, painting, electric meter transfer, property tax, and carpentry.

However, the start was not so easy. Agarwal Estates had to build a customer base in a market that was already witnessing regular jostles among players. But it was their clarity that helped them in spreading out.

In addition, the company realized that it is essential to enlighten their clients about pointers that they should consider before buying a home or dealing with a property. It is a process they highly value as it increases their credibility.

Impacting the Future

Agarwal Estates currently focuses on individuals only and is trying to build a base by improving areas that encompass “transparency, customer awareness programs and the quality of work delivered.” However, as Manoj believes, the sector is still fragmented and it requires adept hands to bridge the gaps and tap its true potential, which inspires him in his pursuit of excellence.

Buying a home is a process that turns dreams into realities and the industry, as Manoj believes, should put in efforts to make the process hassle-free and trustworthy. After all, it is the trust of the customer that matters.

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