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Buying is fun when a few clicks can take away the hassles of standing in a long queue. It is even better when it can be made in a secure manner. Jenny Q Ta is a pioneering visionary who leveraged the power of cryptocurrency and has built a platform named CoinLinked.

CoinLinked is a first-of-its-kind social commerce platform powered by a decentralized Blockchain solution to connect the traditional marketplaces of today with the digital currencies of tomorrow. This powerful platform provides a brand-new concept in crypto-commerce by allowing users to purchase any product worldwide using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or stablecoins such as Tether.

The company makes crypto-currency transactions easy and accessible while having a social networking aspect. Users are also given an entertaining way to make passive income by building their social ‘networth’ with and for cryptocurrency.. Dually centralized and decentralized, it provides both security and flexibility that no other social platform provides and requires no merchant integration.

The Beginning

Jenny began to hear about bitcoin in 2014-15, which led to blockchain, obviously, then to decentralization. She was captured by the blockchain-based peer-to-peer network. Events occur in a leaderless (decentralized) group of peers (peer to peer), and as they occur, they synchronize. Each event is recorded in an indisputable, immutable, historical ledger which each peer has a copy of. She was hooked and that led to the birth of CoinLinked.

What Makes CoinLinked Stand Out?

Jenny believes in the strong leadership of a person who would helm the company to the top with “consistent drive, vision, and hunger for success.” Without the helmsman, success becomes a long shot.

CoinLinked removes limitations of how people use cryptocurrencies and makes them almost similar to traditional currencies, all while valuing the idea of anonymity and trust. With CoinLinked, everyone can be verified and yet remain anonymous.

The Future

The endeavor of CoinLinked has always been to build a platform that would be easy to use and make people “comfortable opening the website, exploring their feed, and shopping for anything they’d like, using cryptocurrency.” In fact, it makes offline purchasing possible via customer service to assist customers in buying anything using cryptocurrency

At present, Jenny is focusing on adding altcoins to the platform to reach out to more users who prefer other cryptocurrencies, rather than Bitcoin and Ethereum. The large user base would allow more changes in the process. In fact, Jenny is now ready to team up with diverse cryptocurrency issuers to widen the horizon of CoinLinked.

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